Monday, April 30, 2007

So Many Options

According to this recent New York Post article, there are several PKD works currently under option:

Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said
Adjustment Team (Short Story)
Time Out of Joint


Do you see how I skipped a line before mentioning VALIS? I wanted that to make an impression on you. It could be so good - it could be so bad.

And that's your assignment Dick-Heads:
What are your greatest hopes, your perfect storms for these adaptations: what actors, directors, soundtrack composers, do you hope for?
Who or what do you dread?

In response to another post, commenter rp imagined PKD being played by The Rock in the upcoming bio-pic. I think the worst would be if Arnold Schwarzenegger were to play the nebbish lead character in We Can Remember It... oh right.

I can't give anything away until I get it together to get jaldhar his books from the cover of the day contest (they'll get there someday buddy), so this is purely for Dick-Head bragging rights.

Commenter Darryl noted that Tom Cruise owned the rights to Flow My Tears... and planned to play Taverner. I'll raise you, Tom Cruise as Horselover Fats, in VALIS retitled, VEGAS:Venus Enjoys Gathering All Scientologists, but now I'm being glib.


palmer_eldritch said...

Your mention of what Mr. Scientology could do with VALIS makes my skin crawl!

As for hopes, I would go with Josie Fraser's idea over at A Girl And A Gun - Hayao Miyazake would be the best. And not just for VALIS - he would probably treat any of PKD's work in the right way.

valis said...

VALIS should be 6 hours long and consist entirely of a pink laser periodically turning directly into the camera.

Hopefully if my wonderful suggestions aren't taken it will be based on this instead.

palmer_eldritch said...

"Valis is a side-scrolling action series that focuses on a young blue haired Japanese schoolgirl named Yuko Ahso."

It even has a dark-haired girl!

valis said...

Yes, just one gander at the screens on the right, and it's pretty obvious that Valis is all about hot anime chicks in bikinis and schoolgirl outfits destroying things from here.

John said...

I can see Tom Cruise playing a 6 in Flow My Tears. My choice would be George Clooney and whoever directed Good Night, Good Luck. I'm also thinking Jeff Daniels, but maybe that is because of Purple Rose of Cairo (seems similar somehow).

Harvey said...

Valis with the right director could be amazing.

I had high hopes for Scanner Darkly, but Keanu Reeves ruined it for me. he just cannot act. even rotoscoping can't animate that wooden block.

John said...

I was just re-reading the conversation between Dr. Stone and Fat in Valis. I enjoyed imagining it as the scene in Being John Malkovich where Dr. Lester interviews Craig Schwartz for a job. Maybe John Cusack and Orson bean could play in Valis.

Anonymous said...

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