Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Humpty Dumpty in Oakland Hits Bookshelves

Yesterday, out of the blue, I received my review copy of the new Tor edition of Humpty Dumpty in Oakland, which apparently hit bookshelves last week in a blast of fanfare no one was around to hear. I have to say I love the cover; the book looks really great - but as an Oakland resident I'm biased.

I can't wait to read the novel; the difficulty will be fitting it in between The Maltese Falcon (which we're reading in my second-year literature class), a never-ending stream of student essays, and all the owner's manuals that came with my new synthesizers, but I think, as an Oakland resident, this novel will really speak to me.

I think 'Oakland' may be the only city name to appear in a PKD title. Am I wrong about this?

Amazon is selling the novel at a heavily reduced $16.47 (or $30.19) when you buy it with Voices From the Street.


palmer_eldritch said...

I just went to order mine and Amazon said 'three copies left'. Does this mean Tor are going to reprint some of the other 'mainstream' PKD?

cal said...

It's a very nice edition, well worth the money. We got a few in at the bookstore where I work. The PKD selection I've built up gets lots of attention and sells well.

Tor is indeed reprinting more "mainstream" PKD novels. The PKD page at Tor:


And some scheduled street dates:

In Milton Lumkey Territory

Voices from the Street (paperback)

palmer_eldritch said...

Thanks Cal. They need to get Gather Yourselves Together and The Man Whose Teeth... on that little list as well IMHO !

Ms Heather said...

Ah, student essays. Not quite the same caliber as PKD . . . :) I'm going to have my own stack at the end of next week.

Hey, I'm a fellow blogger now too . . .

Anonymous said...

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