Friday, January 18, 2013

Real Picture and Fictional Update

Dear Readers, that's not a still from Blade Runner you're looking at. That's the smog in Beijing, and some crazy building, and, like, a video billboard. Wow.

I can explain my recent lack of posting by pointing out two new fiction pieces I've had published. My short story "Upon A Sea of Searching" is over at Farther Stars Than These. It's an existential robot analogy. or something. My seven-year-old daughter really likes that one.

But I prefer my story "Touching" which is up over at 365 Tomorrows. Now that I think about it, it's also an existential robot story. But it's a little funnier and, for some reason, I think it's just a little bit Dickian.


Carlos A. Gutierrez said...

Another case of reality imitating art.

B. Nicholson said...

Hi, my name is Bubba Nicholson. I was a friend of Stevie Spielberg's right about the time you were born. We did some stories together: Star Wars, E.T., Close, Armageddon, Independence Day, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and a few others. Since then his agents and his friends have given me no peace storyhunting, because the crap they come up with doesn't make any money and my stuff puts butts in seats. Go figure.
While the set designers may have been influenced by Dick, I have no way of telling. I certainly was not to the best of my knowledge. I contributed the stories for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and the first two Matrix films entirely myself. I was called in on the Blade Runner story and fixed the ending and a few bits for filming because the original story was uncinematic. Trust me, sir, from the source, nothing about Phillip K Dicks. I did read the Electric Sheep piece maybe back in 1970 or so, I recognize the title, but I also read all the science fiction in two public libraries, too, as a kid. Nothing, not one line, nada came from Phillip K. Dicks. You could not be further from the truth.

That's my handprint on Bourne Identity. That's my handwriting in the poems in Death Poets Society, because I composed the unattributed poems in that film. The same handwriting, mine, wrote the notes in Good Will Hunting and the two "to the future letters" and "flux capacitor" napkin drawing in Back to the Future. Mat Damon's answer to the problem on the blackboard in the hall "What are all possible constitutional isomers of normal nonane" is wrong. Carbon has a valence of 4, not 5!
You can read my memoir: Nicholson, B. (2009). Hillary's Angel and digital books and read it for free.

My point here is that you have just imagined my owing anything to your schizophrenic Dicks.

Anonymous said...

holy cow! Ridley Scott and PKD coming to SyFy (only marginally related to this post, i just had to get the word out)