Sunday, April 14, 2013

Erik Davis Exegizes the Exegesis on Aeon Byte Radio

You read that right, Dick-heads, TDH-pal and annotations editor of The Exegesis of Philip K Dick, Erik Davis, talks up the project with Miguel Connor of Aeon Byte Radio. Check it out here.

btw, my fav review over at amazon - the only one-star review - reads as follows:

"Having nonetities pygmify the Exegesis is not just sacriligeous, it is a clear attempt to censor and sanitise PKD into another crazy visionary pigeonhole, making his commercially lucrative legacy easier to exploit whilst de-emphasizing what was most important to him- namely his VALIS experiences. Not everything can be abridged, least of all by dollar-fixated pygmies and nabob academics."

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