Monday, May 27, 2013

Alternate A Scanner Darkly Animation Pitch Unearthed

Scanner Darkly Pitch from Brian White on Vimeo. Note: You should watch this on Vimeo, Blogger has cropped it.

io9 has posted animator Brian White's vision for A Scanner Darkly - and it's dark. White created this after hearing Linklater had secured the rights, but couldn't get anyone to look at his work. I like it quite a bit, and think it's true to the spirit of the project. But, I also think this vision would have displaced a lot of the text's humanity. After all, this is a story about people, and if you can't relate or if you see them as fundamentally different, most of the book's power will be lost on you. I wish we lived in a world where any artist could realize their vision and these visions could compete in the marketplace of ideas.

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