Sunday, June 30, 2013

Radio Free Albemuth Needs Your Help!

I don't ask you for much, dear readers. But I'm asking today. As you already know, John Alan Simon's Radio Free Albemuth is raising funds through Kickstarter right now. In fact they are more than 90% funded. But they're still a little over $5k from their goal and Kickstarter is all or nothing.

Let me take a moment to talk about how much I hate the mercantile nature of this exchange. I hate that in the 21st century we're constantly being hit up for money or attention - by our friends! It's a tragic state of affairs really. I mean if you're on Facebook, your newsfeed is an endless parade of hands out - all for very worthy projects mind you. But I go to numb to it.

On the other hand, this new business model which allows artists to get their product to very small target audiences is a really cool new development and the first legitimate antidote I've yet seen to the homogenizing forces of Big Capitalism.

And this project really is a perfect candidate for Kickstarter.

I've seen RFA in a theater with a a bunch of PKD fans, and it was a special experience - and I think more people should have that opportunity. We're so close to making it happen.

There are some really cool incentives and prizes, check 'em out. I went for the DVD package. But I want you to consider even a small donation. Like I said, we're really close to making this happen.

Lastly, the producers have released a tie-in role playing game called Left Coast where one player pretends to be a SF writer and other players invent weird shit that happens to him - it seems really cool. Be sure to read the updates to the Kickstarter to find the download codes for that.

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