Friday, April 6, 2007

Cover of the Day

Here's another Panther Edition. Reader James, a library science student, informs me there were a number of PKD titles released by this publisher including:

The Zap Gun. 1975.
Now Wait for Last Year. 1975.
We Can Build You. 1986.
The Cosmic Puppets. 1985.
Our Friends From Frolix 8. 1976.
World of Chance. Panther books (This one doesn't sound familiar to me. Anyone know anything about it?)Update: World of Chance is alternate title for Solar Lottery. Thanks anonymous!

My guess is that these editions have nice cover art but cheap and already pretty degraded paper.

Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said is definitely one of my top ten favorite PKD novels. A celebrity wakes up in a world where no one has heard of him. The novel also resonates with the legendary guilt Dick felt as a result of surviving infancy when his twin sister, Jane, did not.

Sutin writes:

It is Buckman who lives out the novel's title, when his twin sister and incestuous wife, Alys Buckman -- a bisexual leather queen who abuses drugs and binges on direct brain-stimulus at orgies -- dies of an overdose of the mysterious time-binding drug KR-3. The parallel, in Alys's death, to Phil's loss of Jane is confirmed by the Exegesis. Phil often imagined Jane as a lesbian, and always thought of her as strong and courageous.

The novel's title comes from 16th century composer, the "melancholy madrigalist," John Dowland's song, "Flow my years" -- Which Sting recorded and released recently along with other hits from back in the day.


Anonymous said...

World of Chance is (IIRC) an alternate title for Solar Lottery.

Maury Souza said...

I love this cover, although my favorite is the Oliviero Berni Daw cover from 1981. Speaking of Flow My Tears, today I blogged who I would cast if I were to make the movie version. Check it out at...



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