Monday, April 16, 2007

Random Quote

Opening the Library of America release and pointing randomly at a point on the page yielded this gem from The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch:
The thing from beneath the desk scuttled out, and made for the door. It squeezed under the door and was gone.
It was even worse than the glucks. He got one good look at it.
Leo said, "Well that's that. I'm sorry, Miss Fugate, but you might as well return to your office; there's no point in our discussing what actions to take toward the imminent appearance of Chew-Z on the market. Because I'm not talking to anyone; I'm sitting here blabbing away to myself." He felt depressed. Eldritch had him and also the validity, or at least the seeming validity, of the Chew-Z experience had been demonstrated; he himself had confused it with the real. Only the malign bug created by Palmer Eldritch - deliberately - had given it away.
Otherwise, he realized, I might have gone on forever.

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