Thursday, April 5, 2007

Take the Quiz

My English class is taking the reading quiz for Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? tonight.
How would you do?

1) What device do Deckard and his wife argue about at the beginning of the novel?

2) What kind of “special” is JR Isidore? What derogatory term do people use to label his condition?

3) What character do users see when they merge with their “empathy boxes”?

4) How does the Voigt-Kampff Empathy test work?

5) What kind of animal does Deckard own at the beginning of the novel? Is it “genuine”?

6) What is ‘kipple’?

7) What kind of catalog does Deckard continually consult?

8) Is Phil Resch an android?

9) What is the “big news” that Buster Friendly reveals on his show near the end of the novel?

10) What kind of animal does Deckard find at the end of the novel? Is it “genuine”?

Extra Credit:

What is the “rule of life” laid down by Mercer?


Matt said...

1) A mood-altering device where you can punch numbers in to experience different moods. I forgot the name. :(

2) He can't pass an IQ test or something?

3) Mercer.

4) I might be confusing it with the film, but does it measure pupil dilation in response to various questions?

5)Ostrich? I believe it is genuine.

6)Constantly accumulating trash that's slowly overtaking the world!

7)An animal price guide.

8) Yes.. maybe.

9) Mercer was faking it on a soundstage.

10) Frog, no.

Extra Credit:

What is the “rule of life” laid down by Mercer?

No idea.

Tough quiz! Though I haven't read the book in a while.

Anonymous said...

Your quiz proved one thing, it's time for me to reread ANDROIDS.

My two favourite Dick-related quotes:

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away."

and a quote from a review of Emmanuel Carrere's bio on Phil by Gary Indiana:

"Dick's life, as Carrere tells it, is one of the most comprehensive illustrations ever of the shitty fate awaiting anyone--genius, middlebrow or mediocrity--for whom the act of writing is a necessary means of achieving mental or moral equilibrium rather than a career choice."

True, don't you think?

Cliff Burns

Anonymous said...

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