Friday, June 8, 2007

PKD in NYT - Again!

Yet another column on PKD's rising literary status appears in today's New York Times titled, "Philip K. Dick: A Sage of the Future Whose Time Has Finally Come." "Editorial Observer" Brent Staples writes a very complimentary opinion piece which concludes:

"The science fiction writer’s job is to survey the future and report back to the rest of us. Dick took this role seriously. He spent his life writing in ardent defense of the human and warning against the perils that would flow from an uncritical embrace of technology. As his work becomes more popular, readers who know him only from the movies will find it even darker and more disturbing — and quite relevant to the technologically obsessed present."

Check it out before the article disappears behind the Times' black-ice firewall. And here's more on the term 'Blade Runnerization' discussed in the article.

Update: While my resevoir of moral outrage over the media's portrayal of PKD has run dry somebody else's hasn't.

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