Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Total Dick-Head Milestone

Above: the fourth hit for the search string "Dick Head" in Google Images.

Sometime in the pre-dawn hours of last Thursday, The Total Dick-Head had its 20,000th hit! Because I use a site counter, I am also able to see the url of any page that is linking here. This means that I can see the search terms people enter into Google before winding their way here. No wonder the Bush administration was pushing Google to release these - they're hilarious!

Of course lots of people simply click over after typing Dick Head or Huge Dick Head into Google, but to celebrate the success of this blog here are some of the more memorable search strings:

Purple Dick Head

Dick Head Masks

Is My Dick Big Quiz

Most Dicks in One Person

Please, remember this site is in no way affiliated with this guy:

Thanks to Pesco over at boingboing. I couldn't have hit 20k without you buddy! Thanks to all the readers and especially the regulars who send stuff in. To palmer_eldritch over at frolix_8, Henri over at The Philip K Dick Bookshelf, the best part about starting this starting blog has been getting to know you guys. Excelsior!


Anonymous said...

Cheers, Ragle. Keep up the good work!

I get a fair old amount of traffic thanks to searches for pr0n, as well. People have found Frolix_8 from typing 'extremely short penis' and 'psychotic boobs', in the past!

Henri said...

Congratulations on your 20.000th hit!

I had a few searches for dicks in all sizes that landed on my site but the most interesting search term that was used was "" the URL of my site.
Why make it simple when you can make it complicated?

MDK said...

Congratulations are in order. And what a way to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

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