Sunday, September 16, 2007

The New Issue of Article Is Online - And They Ran My Article

Issue #3 of "Article: Art and the Imaginative Process" will hit very, very select newsstands soon, but the issue is online now - Complete with my article "The Three Stigmata of Philip K Dick" and my interview with Jonathan Lethem. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I can see why Mr. Lethem didn't like the weird clothes in Ubik, but I always took that to be PKD making a comment on the ludicrousness of the fashion industry. You've only got to take a look at the catwalks of any major (or indeed minor) fashion show to see outfits not too far from what Joe Chip, Al Hammond, wear.

Anonymous said...

Quite a good article. Definitely stands out in quality from most recent PKD articles I've read. Congratulations on the writing and the publication.

Anonymous said...

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