Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Theatrical Release of Blade Runner: The Final Cut Extended

According to the people over at Digital Bits: My Two Cents the theatrical release of Blade Runner: The Final Cut has been extended to include the following showings:

10/26 - Seattle (Cinerama, Seattle - 35mm), Washington D.C. (Uptown, D.C. - 35mm), Portland (Cinema 21, Portland - 35mm), Salt Lake (Gateway Megaplex, SLC - Digital)

11/2 - Chicago (Music Box, Chicago - 35mm), Santa Barbara (Arlington, Santa Barbara - Digital), Baltimore (Landmark Harbor East, Baltimore - Digital)

11/9 - Boston (Coolidge Corner, Brookline - 35mm)

11/16 - Detroit (Main Art, Detroit - 35mm)

11/18 - Austin (Paramount, Austin - 35mm)

11/30 - San Francisco (Embarcadero, San Francisco - 35mm), Dallas (The Inwood, Dallas - 35mm), San Diego (Ken, San Diego - 35mm), Minneapolis (Uptown, Minneapolis - 35mm)

12/7 - Denver (The Landmark @ Greenwood Village - Digital), Philadelphia (The Ritz 5, Philadelphia - 35mm)

12/25 - Boston (The Brattle, Cambridge - 35mm)

1/2/08 - Austin (The Paramount, Austin - 35mm)

1/4/08 - Nashville (The Belcourt, Nashville - 35mm)

1/18/08 - Durham (Carolina, Durham - 35mm)

2/1/08 - Columbus (Drexel Gateway, Columbus - 35mm)

2/15/08 - San Francisco (Castro, San Francisco - 35mm)

2/29/08 - Sacramento (Crest, Sacramento - 35mm)

I will definitely be attending the San Francisco screening on 11/31 and it seems to me this might be a great opportunity for Bay Area Dick-heads to hang out and see the film together. I think tickets will go on sale for the Embarcadero showing in a couple of weeks. If you live in the Bay Area and are interested in seeing this showing with a bit of an entourage please let me know in the comments section. Folks in other towns can use the comments section of this post to find one another - this seems like a perfect event for a posse.

Update: While out on the town last night I noticed that The Final Cut was coming to the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland on November 30th, leading me to believe that this will be an even more widespread theatrical release.


Anonymous said...

You can count me in.

Dave Jacob said...

Chicago's closest and this weekend, and I can't make that.

Hopefully, I'll have the 5-disc box for Christmas, but otherwise, I'm considering Columbus.

Patrick said...

I'll definitely be seeing that 11/30 showing at Landmark Embarcadero. Any idea about the tickets? The Landmark Theatres website only lets you buy tickets 1 week out.

Subhan said...

The Portland run at Cinema21 has been extended by 1 week to 11/15/07.

Anonymous said...

I got to see it in Portland, at last!
I have never managed to see it on a bog screen in all these years, believe it or not!
It was slightly hampered by the poor sound and less than ideal projection system of Cinema 21, but was well worth it. Cinema 21 seems to me like it inhabits the Blade Runner world anyway, so perhaps it's appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Gill how do I get tickets to this showing of Blade Runner?