Monday, November 26, 2007

Blade Runner Tickets On Sale NOW!

Tickets have finally gone on sale just now for this Friday's showing of Blade Runner at the Embarcadero Theater here in San Francisco. I will be attending the 10pm show and encourage all my fellow Bay Area Dick-heads to attend with our posse.

Click here for tickets!

Info on where we'll be drinking before the show to follow shortly.
I know all you Dick-heads outside the Bay Area will be with us in spirit.

Update: We'll be drinking pre-Blade Runner margaritas from 8:30-9:30 in the Chevy's at the Embarcadero Center at: 2 EC – Prom.


Anonymous said...

I certainly am with you all in spirit. Jameson's, to be exact.

mckie said...

alas, since I live in cambridgeshire (the real one, in england) I;m going to miss it too. but on the plus side, I'm going for dinner with iain m banks tonight.

Anonymous said...

There's a fake Cambridgeshire?

Anonymous said...

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