Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Two Long-Out-Of-Print Titles Return!

Subterranean Press recently announced they will be publishing two PKD titles that that have long been beyond the means of Dick-heads in the higher numbered conapts. PKD's young adult SF book Nick and the Glimmung and Ubik: The Screenplay are due to hit the market sometime in the future. Subterranean is still selecting an artist to do the cover art for Nick and the Glimmung, so it's bound to be awhile before we get to see these two.

Currently, copies of Nick and the Glimmung are going for 55$ on amazon. Ubik: The Screenplay starts at about $175.

In Pink Beam, Lord RC describes the story as SF and gives Glimmung four stars, calling it a "charming and sometimes funny story about a boy and his cat..." Interesting to note: SMLA received Dick's manuscript for Glimmung, the same day they received his manuscript for Ubik.


Mr. Hand said...

hopefully selections from the exegesis will return to print sometime soon (or would it be too much to ask for a better edition?)

Anonymous said...

Any Vancouver readers out there: the Vanncouver Public Library (main branch) has a copy of Nick and the Glimmung. Illustrated by Belgian artist/director Paul Demeyer.

Robert Cook said...

As a longtime PKDick fan, I can't help but boast: I own and have read both NICK AND THE GLIMMUNG and UBIK: THE SCREENPLAY. I got 'em fresh off the presses back in the day, as the kids say.

I'm glad to see them become available again.

Anonymous said...

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