Saturday, December 29, 2007

Two New Exegesis Excerpts Available At

Two new excerpts from PKD's Exegesis are now posted over at These two excerpts are coherent and attempt, rather surprisingly, to connect his 2-3-74 experiences to specific church doctrines. They offer further insight into PKD's teleological concerns following his 'mystical experiences'.

Dick writes in one entry, "My search is over. I have reached my destination, the end of my journey."

If PKD had had a penny for every time he felt he had solved 'the mystery' he would have been richer than Rupert Murdoch, er, I mean Palmer Eldritch. Paul Williams wrote in his 1977 article "The Most Brilliant Sci-Fi Mind on Any Planet: Philip K. Dick" "Each time Phil presented a new theory he did it with the passion of complete conviction - this was it, now he had finally figured it out."

In the other entry PKD discusses Spinoza and declares himself a "Trinitarian."


drjon said...

I always regarded Phil's propensity to put total conviction in his religious theories as an exercise in Practical Faith. It's only to his credit that he was able to shift these convictions as his theological postulates evolved.

Ragle Gumm said...

Good point DrJon, perhaps Dick's evolving views also speak to a epistemological journey which was more satisfying than the destination.

drjon said...

To be honest, in my view the only destination an epistemological journey should have is also a destination to be delayed to the full extent humanly possible... :}P>

MDK said...

Haven't these "new" excerpts been posted for well over half a year?

Be that as it may here are my $.02

Indeed, Phil, at times, felt he was totally convinced on "what it all meant". This goes with the territory of having experienced "true" and "verifiable" (if only to him) mystical or supernatural phenomenon. Such as at times I think that I know what my own experiences mean.

I do know that my "mystical" experiences were at times (when I was 12 and 15) when I was a Christian and that they most definately involve PKD. However, the content of words can also be considered the "medium" and the medium itself can be cryptic. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that the whole Christian explanations Phil gives is only one way of explaining his theosophy of the world, itself a mere metaphor.

BTW, Happy New Year

Anonymous said...
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