Thursday, February 28, 2008

French Interview with Anne Mini

The French PKD site, recently posted a pretty good interview they did with Anne Mini. I met Anne when we paneled a discussion at Harvard together (notice how good I'm getting at casually dropping the H-bomb in conversation). I found her to be a smart, interesting, and insightful person who clearly cares quite deeply about Philip K Dick and his legacy. Anne's become a political hot potato in the world of Dick after a pretty public feud with the PKD estate over her memoir A Family Darkly: Love, Loss, and the Final Passions of Philip K Dick. Check out the interview here.


Ms Heather said...

Yeah! I love the H-bomb! And I enjoyed reading about the talk at Harvard too. :) congratulations on the new resume line.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but the young lady could not possibly have spoken to my husband on the telephone because we did not have a telephone. We were too poor to get a telephone.
Her book is pure fantasy.

NWREG LLC said...

Funny, the FBI seemed to think he had a phone, and used it to contact him. It also seems odd to claim that one "can't afford a phone" in the United States. I lived on welfare at that point in time and we always had a telephone. The highest bill I ever paid was merely 25.00 for two months service. Long Distance was always optional, and I always declined it. Growing up, we always had one, even though we went to food banks for food.