Sunday, July 5, 2009

Some Reading Material

I'm too busy celebrating my freedom this weekend to do much more than link to some important PKD-related articles.

First off, there's a long and in-depth article about PKD's life in Orange County in Orange Coast Magazine. Not only does the article include interviews with Tessa Dick, Linda Castellani, and Tim Powers, it also has a shout out to this blog. Read the whole thing here.

Second, there's an exclusive interview with Jonathan Lethem about PKD's third volume from the Library of America. Download the PDF file here. The volume hits stores July 30. I'm interested in seeing how thoroughly footnoted VALIS and Transmigration are in this edition.

Pre-order your copy:


Robert Cook said...

Good article about Dick's time in Orange County. I'm planning on picking up the next volume of Dick's work to be published by the Library of America, even though I already have an omnibus edition of the "Valis Trilogy" that was published years ago by the Book of the Month Club, (and I also have the rare hard copy first edition--lacking dust jacket--of A MAZE OF DEATH), but I'm still highly peeved Lethem didn't include RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH in the volume.

John said...

The UK book price comparison site is listing as forthcoming (October 2009) what looks from the illustration to a slipcased 'box set' of all three of the Lethem Library of America editions. Those who haven't kept up with this project perhaps might want to wait for it. Priced at £60 from

Robert Cook said...

It's also listed on Amazon (USA).
I wonder if the slipcover will be available for separate purchase for those who have already bought the first two volumes.