Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Radio Free Albemuth Debuts in NYC Tomorrow

The post's title says it all. But Director John Simon says it too:

"We are screening next week [tomorrow October 7] at the Gotham Festival as an opening night film."

All you New York Dick-heads need to be there. Read more and buy tickets here.

Update: Director John Simon needs Dick-heads in the seats tonight in order to further his dream of a wider release for this movie, so if you call yourself a fan of Phil Dick and you live in New York, you need to walk the talk tonight. Remember, I've seen an earlier cut of this film and really loved it. I wrote about it here.


Lenny Boyle said...

I know it's off topic but here is some extremely exciting news.

The BBC are producing an adaptation of the man in the high castle. As a british fan I am pretty giddy about this news. Give us a hat tip if you blog about this- Lenny Boyle.

Lenny Boyle said...

I was remis in neglecting the minor news that Ridley Scott is producing this adaptation for the beeb. Here's his quote:

"I've been a lifelong fan of Philip K Dick," said Scott. "He is the master of creating worlds which not only spark the imagination but offer deeper commentary on the human condition."

Robert Cook said...

Heavens to Murgatroid!! I just clicked on to see if the site had been updated, and I see this notice--that was posted yesterday--about RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH showing TONIGHT at 7:30 at a theater that is less than ten minutes' walk from my office...that I left at 6:15 this evening to come uptown...when it's too frickfracking late to go back and see the frizzenfrazzen movie!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry Robert! We would loved to have seen you last night at the Tribeca Cinema. Don't miss out on any screenings for Radio Free Albemuth!

Sign up for email alerts on and to be really safe, "like" Radio Free Albemuth - the movie" on Facebook.

That amazing all-purpose UBIK works really well, too. (But there can be minor side-effects.)

Robert Cook said...

Thank you, anonymous. I did as you recommended and signed up for email alerts and I also "liked" RFA on Facebook.

Also, for you and other readers of this blog: there's a fascinating documentary (showing presently at NYC's IFC Center) called MARWENCAL, that presents the story of a man who, for self-therapy after suffering a physically and emotionally debilitating gang-beating in a bar parking lot, builds his own town in his front lawn, populating it with male action figures and Barbie dolls. They're all clothed in WWII regalia and equipped with military ordnance. He photographs these figures in various tableux, which serve to tell stories that allow him to heal emotionally and deal with his trauma. One of the primary action figures is "him," and he names several other figures after persons in his life.


See it if and when you can in theatrical release, or look for it on NetFlix or dvd release if it makes it to either platform at some point! (I have no connection to the film or its subject, other than having seen the movie yesterday.)