Tuesday, August 2, 2011

RFA Reviewed by Variety

The Logos cannot express how good it is to see this film starting to get some momentum! Hollywood Bible, Variety's got the write up and they say good things, among them, Simon's screenplay is "consistently absorbing," and "Gritty HD lensing and imaginative, old-fashioned-in-a-good-way effects showing the alternate world surrounding Nick and Sylvia. A terrific score by Canadian composer Ralph Grierson and British singer-songwriter Robyn Hitchcock is the jewel in a first-class tech package."

Here's what else they're saying:

"Engrossing adaptation"

"Should connect strongly with Dick's fanbase and attract upscale auds seeking sci-fi with political and philosophical substance"

"Delivers satisfying intrigue and suspense"

"Pic operates successfully as a study of enlightenment and a straight-ahead conspiracy thriller."

This is Variety folks, not Harvey Stolkes of the Des Moines Wheatseeder, ferVALIS'sake! Or some Dick-head blogger for that matter. What they say carries a fair amount of weight in Tinseltown.

It's making me think the empire may have ended. But then it's pure Black Iron Prison out there. Maybe RFA is the redeeming entity we need at exactly this moment - or at least until we see what Gondry can do with Ubik.

Remember, like the movie's Facebook page, put it in your queue on Netflix (site search engine is down, sorry, no linky). The signal has arrived. Now we must broadcast it.


Robert Cook said...

I am dying to see this movie. I reread the book about 9 months ago and I was blown away...I think it's one of Dick's great triumphs, and I prefer it by far to its morphed twin VALIS. I would prefer to see this on a big screen with an audience, but if I can only see it via dvd...bring it on.

On another subject, but one I'm sure will fascinate many Dick-heads, I recommend highly the documentary MARWENCOL that came out last year and is now available on dvd. I won't describe it other than to say it is about man who could be a character in THE THREE STIGMATA OF PALMER ELDRITCH.

ct-scan said...

I hate to be pessimistic, but it was over 2 years ago that I was excited to be seeing this movie. Over a year ago we were getting teased that all was complete and ready to go...and then we're here today. I get that distribution for a independent film is hard, that seems to be the only thing the RFA crew talks about. Well, they talk about that and all the awards they are winning for the select few that get to see it.

I guess what I'm asking is, what does a Dickhead have to do to see this freakin' movie?!?!?!

Ragle Gumm said...

CT-Scan, you must wait and be patient! Notice that the movie's gaining momentum. Understand that John Simon is struggling against the tides of corporate film making that want to jam crap like a new Total Recall down your throat. Use the empathy you learned in Dick's work and imagine the Sisyphean path John Simon must walk, just to get this out there. For us this is exciting, a chance to see a movie based on a book we like. For him it is his life, his reputation, his psychological health... You, my friend, have got it easy, and I honestly believe you WILL see this film. Good things come to those that wait.

ct-scan said...

I'll keep waiting, where else am I going to go? Also, I do get what he's up against, certainly without knowing firsthand, and I completely appreciate and understand why he's gone this route, as opposed to the easy sellout.
I'm also sure the poor economy has a lot to do with distributors not wanting to take a chance on an independent film when they can put out a, studio manufactured, "sure thing" pile of garbage.

simon50 said...

Thank you Ragle --- and you, too, ct-scan - and Robert - and everyone else on this blog.

Getting Radio Free Albemuth made was hard. (nearly ten years from script option to start date)

Making Radio Free Albemuth was hard (three years)

Getting Radio Free Albemuth into the marketplace is turning out to be the hardest part of all.

The tanked economy wiped out more than half the distribution companies in the indie space. The internet and downloads are killing off the DVD market that had supported indie (and studio) movies. The remaining companies are cautious to even commit meagre amounts to theatrical release. They're rather just make a few easy bucks from Video on Demand, DVD and cable - as long as THEY don't have to spend anything to get the movie or market it. That model simply won't work to cover the cost of the film.

We know we have a film that is highly promotable.

So while we are as determined as ever to launch RFA into the marketplace, it is not an easy task. My early professional background is in indie distribution, so we may well end up raising some dough to self-distribute theatrically. And that will be another hard slog.

Don't get me wrong - I am absolutely thrilled to have had this opportunity and real artistic freedom to make the movie I wanted to make and the movie I really wanted to see of RFA. But we are now going into four years of my life without a paycheck. My savings are all but exhausted. But as Van Morrison used to say, "It's too late to stop now."

Thanks for your support and understanding. We really do need your help. And your optimism. After all, the message of RFA is "hope."

Here's a few things you can do for the moment.

Please "like" RFA on Facebook and please send out messages to your friends to "like" RFA. Queue RFA on Netflix. Rate RFA on imdb.com where their crazy weighted rating system is really hurting us.

Yes - distributors pay attention to this stuff.

Sign up on www.radiofreealbemuth.com. If we self-distribute we will build a small cadre of PKD fans to help in various markets.

More to announce soon, but that's it for now.

We really appreciate Total Dick-Head and David Gill for their unflinching support - it keeps us going in the trenches.