Wednesday, August 10, 2011

RFA to Show at Renovation Film Fest Aug 20

In another blow against the Empire, Radio Free Albemuth will be screened at Renovation Film Festival on August 20 right after the Hugo Awards, and there will even be a Q&A with director John Simon! Read more about it here. I'm just wrapping up my vacation in Hawaii and so I'll keep this brief. But I am thinking about making the drive to Reno myself for this. If you're in the area, well first of all I'm sorry, but second, make sure you get to the screening.

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ZenWoman said...

How was it? Want to hear more from those who saw and participated in the chat. I've seen really FAB comments on Fbook (yes, some of us about 1/2 a billion have ended up there... some kicking and screaming more than others.) But we still love our favorite blogs, too!

Simon, the trailer looks excellent and the sound is even better on my mini-surround-the-PC system! U Rock!