Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New PKD Otaku #23 Now Available!

I feel as if, as I approach the summit of a cold and treacherous mountain, still a ways from the top, that I have seen a well outfitted group of experienced mountaineers headed towards me, having already made a successful climb. I can see the satisfaction in their eyes, and know that they are headed towards a warm bed and a good meal. And me, with so much mountain still to climb.

I feel this way because the good people over at PKD Otaku have delivered a massive dose of PKD, sixty odd pages of it. All of it, witty and urbane and smartly assembled. There are a few reviews of The Exegesis, easily the most thoughtful ones we've seen thus far. Lord Running Clam has indexed Dick's 1974 volume of letters, and the crew over there is taking names and kicking serious ass. It's a smorgasbord of Dickiana. We are indebted to the crew over there: Patrick Clark, Lord Running Clam, Frank Bertrand, Jami Morgan, and Nich Buchanan.

Their efforts give me great relief, as I have sort of dropped the ball. I mean I spent my winter break working on fiction and reading The Fifth Head of Cerberus by Gene Wolfe, for the cosmic christ's sake!

Download your giant .pdf here.


FCBertrandJr said...

Ah, yup, definitely witty, urbane, smartly assembled, taking names and kicking serious ass -- which is certainly more salient than regular ass. As you can well see from the overwhelming plethora of pithy responses posted here!!!!

ej Morgan said...

wow, ten days later and no reactions? hmmmm. Nick and Patrick worked really hard on this one. Frank, and Dave, certainly gave a lot of effort, as well. and I gave you just what you wanted DG, LINKS, LINKS ;)

I hope that you and/or some of your fellow Dickheads (said lovingly) will support Issue 24. Write about the upcoming Festival, and any other Dickian doings. I will probably bow out of the next issue, as I have another book to complete this spring. I think if more and diverse folks contribute it improves the feeling that it really is a fan zine "by fans" for fans. Thanks for the good words here!!

Anonymous said...

What do u think of Fifth head of cerebrus - for me - more style over substance but i sort of want to reread again for some reason.

Pantomime Horse said...

It's been a month since a post or comment has shown up here. Can you write something if only to reassure us you are alive and, I hope, in reasonably good health?

ej Morgan said...

Really? NO comments? Makes me sad for Patrick who has devoted so many years to keeping the last PKD zine going. I hope others will contribute IF he continues publishing. No guarantees, you know. Appreciate it while you can!