Monday, July 23, 2012

Festival T-Shirts Fundraising

As the Philip K Dick Festival approaches it is becoming clear that we could use a little what my Dad would call "walking around money." While the registration fee is sufficient to cover our two dinners, it's not enough to cover drinks, and because the festival is on campus we are required, for reasons relating to insurance, to use a bartender from the University's catering service. I am therefore starting a fundraising campaign for the Fest, and as part of that we're offering Festival t-shirts for $20, taxes and shipping included. Help yourself to look hip and happening while helping us get drunk at the Festival - buy a shirt! The t-shirts are all cotton and will have a large Festival logo on the front.

Buy your Festival T-shirt NOW!



Anonymous said...

what color is the shirt?

Ragle Gumm said...

The shirt is that light blue color that is the background for the logo currently.

C.D. Wilson said...

Do you know if these are American Apparel or some other brand? Sizes differ- that's all. Shirt rocks. I can't attend, but this is a great way to support!

Kibu said...

Are thee t shirts still available?