Wednesday, September 26, 2012

PKD Fest 2012 Now Just an Implanted Memory

Yes dear readers, it really happened. At least I think it did. And there are pictures, of course those could be faked. Really no way to know. Except I'm exhausted and I feel like I organized a Dick-fest for over 120 people, so there's a good bit of evidence. Maybe in a couple days, when my mind clears, I'll write something and post some pictures.


Carlos A. Gutierrez said...

If you are feeling exhausted and you have in your head memories of a buch of dick heads getting together and your camera is full with pictures of some random streets in Berkeley, then it doesn't matter if the festival really took place or not.

Thank you and all your collaborators for putting this amazing thing together.

I created a flickr group for posting pictures about the festival and I posted some of the (rather bad) pictures that I took. Maybe other dick heads have some better pictures to share.

Karrpark said...

David - You did a yeoman effort organizing the Philip K Dick Festival. Thrilled to take part in it and especially for John Alan Simon and I to share Radio Free Albemuth to the PKD community. Thanks for all your and volunteers hard work. It was a great weekend. Still reeling from the effects. Wonderful panels and the PKD Berkeley walk was a highlight! Have lots of photos, too. Will be posting them on and RFA facebook page when we come up for air. - Elizabeth Karr