Wednesday, November 14, 2012

PKD Otauku #26 Out Now!

Editor Patrick Clark has done it again. With the amazing graphics work of Nick Buchanan, PKD Otaku issue #26 looks more professional than ever. There's also a pretty interesting piece on The Exegesis (remember that?), Laura Entwistle's memories of the PKD Fest. My favorite thing in the issue, however, is the yearbook picture of PKD first-wife, Jeannette Marlin, uber-fan Frank Hollander tracked down when he was in Berkeley for the Festival. Download a copy and enjoy...

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Nick said...

Thanks for the post David - appreciated

Yes, Frank Hollander's article on Jeanette Marlin is a remarkable scoop! I enlarged the picture of Ms. Marlin from her yearbook photo to the point where the resolution was creaking (p.15). But she'd been in hiding so long - I thought we all deserved a proper look at this elusive lady.

There's also something of a revelation concerning her actual age when Phil married her.

Frank Hollander provided such good photos and reference material for his piece!

Patrick is also to be praised for keeping this free PKD zine going for so long. It's a hymn to Phil and a tribute to the intriguing and entertaining work he has left us all.