Sunday, August 6, 2023

Announcing Dick-Fest 2024 in Ft. Morgan, Colorado!


Mark your calendars, Dick-Heads, and prepare yourselves for Dick-Fest 2024 -- June 13-16, 2024...

The Fest is being helmed by the incomparable Ganymedean Slime Mold, Lord Running Clam, who you may know as David Hyde. Designed to be a Dickian hybrid of fan and scholar cultures, The Fest is a petri dish of high weirdness, from which strange collaborations and even friendships can emerge. There will be lectures, music, art, imbibing, and esoteric conversation! Reconnect with your favorite Dick-head, or meet some new ones! 

Ft Morgan is, as they say, where the bodies are buried. In this case, Jane and Phil. The city and surrounding area provide important context to Dick's familial ancestry (hint: it's bleak!). And proximity, even to the deceased, is bound to stoke our enthusiasm even as we pay our respects. 

Featured speakers include: Andrew M. Butler, Sam Umland, David AgranoffTed Hand, Frank Hollander, Josh Lind, Blake Wilson, and myself. With many more names on the way. If you'd like to present or want to get involved in the planning stages of the event, shoot an email to me ( or Lord RC ( 

Stay tuned to this channel as more info becomes available. 

For reference, here's info about the 2012 Dick-Fest, as well as this one which inspired it. 

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John Edge said...

Can you cast your mind back to 2008 when (afaik) you were one of the contributors to an excellent broadcast and podcast celebrating what would have been PKD's 80th birthday. That was an excellent broadcast initially put out on the Pirate Cat FM station.
There was an MP3 file (about 2 hours long) made available, named: Psionic-20081213.mp3

However that file no longer available from its original location - this is now a dead link

I wonder if you (by some lucky chance) still had a copy of that file which could be made available to fans?

Very best regards