Tuesday, May 29, 2007

'Your Name Here' Update

According to MTV's movie blog "Your Name Here," the PKD-quasi-biopic is currently entering post production and may be released as early as September at this year's Toronto Film Festival. The post quotes Pullman as saying:

“It’s about a kind of a ‘Fantasia’ about his last days,” he revealed. “You’re seeing a writer who’s starting to spin a little bit out of control and wondering what’s real and what isn’t real. Has he really written the most brilliant book that’s ever been written or hasn’t he? Has someone stolen the last chapter, or is he just insane?”

The film was written and directed by Matthew Wilder. Never heard of him? Oh yes you have if you remember the 1984 hit "Break My Stride" ("nobody's gonna to slow me down oh no I got to keep on moving") because he wrote it. It's this guy:

Filmstalker asks:

"Sounds a bit odd, and not just in the plot line but the whole change of name. Perhaps there has been some rights issue for the film, does that affect anything in this tale for you? Does it make a difference with the name change?"

Let me answer that for you if I can. It affects my opinion of this film insofar as I have to remember that it's being made against the wishes of Dick's family and estate. The legal objections to this film were circumvented simply by changing the name of Pullman's character from "Philip K Dick" to "William J Frick" - a legal solution that in essence thumbs its nose at Dick's children. Given the incredible job the estate did with "A Scanner Darkly" I'm inclined to trust their judgement that this film does not do justice to his life or work (I am, for the moment, banishing from my mind the fact that the family signed off on 'Next').


Anonymous said...

Um...no, that's not the guy (although almost everyone else on the Net is equally mistaken). This Matthew Wilder is an acclaimed L.A. theater director and one of the liveliest film critics in the country. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt—an early draft of the script getting passed around (under the title PANASONIC) was frickin' amazing.

Anonymous said...

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