Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blade Runner - The Final Cut Trailer

OK there must be someone out there who knows the original movie well enough to identify the new bits of dialog in this. Come on, don't be afraid to show how much time you have on your hands. Do Deckard and Rachel introduce themselves to each other in the original?

My Dick-head senses tell me we're in for another spate of PKD/Blade Runner articles which no doubt will ultimately be lost in time, like tears in the rain...

Update: Reader Darryl Mason correctly remembered that Deckard and Rachel do introduce themselves when they meet at Tyrell. Reader Chooky Fuzzbang confirms:

"No new dialogue but there was one new scene - 2 go go dancers for about 0.5 seconds."

This glimpse, when combined with the stories that the actress who played Zhora reshot scenes, leads me to believe that we may see more of Zhora's act in the new cut. Please, the movie needs a jazzy dance number, perhaps a choreographed dance with neon umbrellas, "Singin' in the Acid Rain"?


Darryl Mason said...

No new dialogue, or footage, from what I can see. It does look magnificent, however. Can't wait to see it again in the cinema.

Rachel and Deckard introduce themselves to each other when Deckard first goes to Tyrel Corp.

I think it's wonderful that Phil got to see at least a few moments from Blade Runner before he died. He told everyone he could about the movie, and enthused about it in letters and conversation.

Once he had seen the footage, he was immensely proud and clearly understood the impact it would have, not only on science fiction, and his own career, but on the way the future was designed. If that makes sense.

PKD once said that he wrote of the terrible fates of mankind because if he wrote about them in detail then perhaps they wouldn't come to be.

It's not a failure of vision that LA in 2019 won't look like the LA of BladeRunner. It's a great and fantastic thing. The acid-rain, grim urban decay LA seen in BladeRunner will now be just science fiction, instead of an encroaching reality.

Well, let's hope so anyway.

Harvey said...

nothing new in that i can see either.
the music is from another great science fiction movie called "The Fountain" (great soundtrack).
something about it seems "fan made".

Anonymous said...

No new dialogue but there was one new scene - 2 go go dancers for about 0.5 seconds.

I agree. The quality is a tad amateurish. But since it's not going to be a blockbuster, maybe they gave it to their B team.

Kenny Park said...

The dancers ARE new.

As for Zhora, Joanna Cassidy's reshoots were to superimpose her face over her stunt-double's during her death scene, although it hasn't been confirmed yet if that new footage will be used. Depends how convincing the effect turns out.

Anonymous said...

If I'm remembering this correctly, the go-go scene is "new" in the sense that it wasn't in the official release, but it's actually "old" in the sense that was filmed in the original filming, and I believe it was also included in the first workprint. Maybe at somepoint I'll go watch some of the workprint bootleg I have.

Anonymous said...

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