Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dr Futurity Killed JFK From the Grassy Knoll

Now I admit that Dick-heads are an eccentric bunch (present company excluded of course), but this thread on the forums goes well beyond mere oddity and into the realm of wrapping your head in tinfoil in order to avoid the predatory transmissions being beamed at you by time-traveling Nazi's with plans of future world domination. Of course since this is posted on a PKD forum it could all be a big cosmological joke (you know like life...).

In 2003 "Dr Hoffman" linked to this article by one Adam Gorightly (great name) which states:

"It's my contention that what went down in Dealey Plaza that dark day in November you know when (actually 'twas a sunny day and there was no need for umbrellas or, for that matter, Umbrella Men) was, in my opinion, the most monumental instance of alternate realities shifting and multiple perceptions conflicting in the history of the planet. Philip K. Dick knew all about it, and hinted at such in his novels, though he never stated it flat out. (That's why the Feds raided Phil's pad in the seventies, to find out what he really did know.) Dick detailed in coded language what happened during the Kennedy assassination in his numerous novels, though he never spoke directly about the Assassination in fear of retribution from The Conspiracy."

I imagine at this point the psychoanalyst says something like, "Ohhhhh-K we're about out of time, about your bill...." But Hoffman continues with some additional evidence:

"First, that's some co-incidence given what I just posted elsewhere in reply to a post,

Second, I wouldn't even have looked for this article again if it hadn't been for the Unicorn reminder (dickhead label) post in the main forum I read today,

Third, Liber Al (the Book of the Law) - the grid page is about the assassination.

Fourth, The Montauk Project dates are given as beginning in 1943 (to coincide with the Philadelphia Experiment) and ending in 1983. 1963 is then slap bang in the middle of the "Montauk Project".

Fifth, Dr.Bloodmoney was released with a title similar to Dr.Strangelove, apparently just to cash-in on the movie's success by the publishers. Dr. Strangelove of course had that pie-fight ending........which might have been changed because the assassination took place during filming."

nano_control, a poster obviously from the skeptical delegation of Dick-heads (yes, we exist) critiques Gorightly and Hoffman's view thusly:

"Certainly this author is not so egocentric in his plight for picking "The One True Cause" that he believes all PKD's books were essentially written for someone "say... him" to figure this out?

Dr. hoffman, I must say I am surprised. And to everyone else... Don't buy into this."

Hoffamn responds:

"All that sounds like is Sour Grapes to me.... Dickheads are Unicorns, they remind people in this reality that this one is - at best - partially real (the stolen genetic material). In the real one there are no net-trolls or their 3D equivalents, for example."

I love that we can't be sure of anybody's sanity. But I think it's important to remember that paranoiacs are victims of their own narcissism running amok. "They're all out to get ME." By extension then, it seems natural that many "conspiracy theorists' are really inflating their ego with the belief that they know something the rest of us are too stupid to realize. Of course Kennedy's assasination works wonderfully as a historical turning point when Ahriman or some other malevolant deity could hijack our reality and imprison us in the Black Iron Prison forever.

Update: It turns out nano_control is our very own regular reader and commenter MDK! MDK comments:

"After that attempt of reasoning with Dr. Hoffman (just one of many aliases of this person) I decided to give up. He consistently called everyone everyname in any vulgar language dictionary he could find.

You should go on and read his other posts. I do feel empathy for Dr. Hoffman, because I feel this person may be not only paranoid, in the general sense of the term, but illish-paranoid."

I concur with your diagnosis MDK. It's funny, this thread was bumped to the top when a spammer added a post linking to some naked celebrity site (at least that's what it looked like before I prompty closed the window without seeing anything, really!).


MDK said...

Hey Dave, I'm glad you read some of the old posts. Nano_control, that was my old label at the PKD forum. After that attempt of reasoning with Dr. Hoffman (just one of many aliases of this person) I decided to give up. He consistently called everyone everyname in any vulgar language dictionary he could find.

You should go on and read his other posts. I do feel empathy for Dr. Hoffman, because I feel this person may be not only paranoid, in the general sense of the term, but illish-paranoid.

Somewhat unrelated: I hardly go there anymore. Not enough people posting except for spammers hacking through everythread there is. The site has truly gone to kipple and I'm sort of dissapointed by it.

MDK said...

Oh, BTW, Perhaps you could turn that around for them. Are you looking for any part time work? They could really use you. I guess Jason Koornick is too busy making movies than taking care of his charge.

MDK said...

It seems that 95% of new posts are made by spammers on the PKD forum, these days. I just reread that whole thread. (chuckles to himself)

FCBertrandJr said...

I would suggest that it's higher than 95% and mostly mindless fluff that has absolutely nothing to do with individuals who haven't taken the time to ACTUALLY read his work, and then think about it!!

Anonymous said...

I believe that was my comment, although I used to spell Hoffman with three Fs (in reference to VALIS).

Interesting that you seem to have no clue at all as to the truth about - well, anything by the sounds of it.

As for my sanity - dude I am not the one going to visit some dead authors ex-wives and asking for photos of them.....

I feel sorry, in a way - not in a caring about them way, for anyone that reads the likes of the Exegesis and thinks PKD was mad or some such because he got interested in what matters most.

If you would like to find out more about what does count here, then do feel free to read some of my recent blog comments elsewhere, and that of others who bother to reflect upon the real let's call them 'questions' shall we:

might as well link you here too,

Saying all that, it's possible that was someone else's comment that used a similar username. I've had plenty of folks do that purposely and spend their posting lives claiming to be me, and sometimes some usernames just happen to be chosen by more than one person and there's nothing corrupted and manipulative in it at all.

mdk - empathy is not something your kind is even able to feel. In fact you sound just like the kind of moron that spends their pointless life trying hard to make those that are interested in exposing lies and making the world a better place seem to be the ones with the mental illness. When it's so obviously the other way around.

In fact - the very psycho that deliberately followed me around forums and copied my usernames also tried to manipulate others into the belief that use of any cursewords somehow proved any of the original writings weren't of value, and was also obsessed with my using a variety of usernames. By obsessed I of course mean jealous and angry they never thought up anything useful.

Maybe the site turned to kipple because your kind aren't able to discuss anything relevant without turning on your thought-police abuse about 'tin foil hats'.

Have fun trying to turn anyone in the above blogs against me; I think you'll find those days are looooong over now eh. And don't bother trying to paint that as paranoia on my part - I can spot you a mile and more away.

Anonymous said...

Oh I almost forgot another one you're bound to have some type of false-empathy superiority disdain towards, as if you know how the universe works....

Plenty of links off each of them linked to keep you guessing / going.

Anonymous said...

Reading over that thread again, and your comments here sound all the more ridiculous and very much trying hard to twist what was written way out of context.

It's your fantasy that it's a (and I apologise in advance to real scientists who of course know that microwaves are used in mind-control, and that 'tinfoil' does block microwaves: that's why you don't wrap microwave food in aluminium cooking won't cook if you do) 'tin-foil hat' rant.

There's simply nothing remotely paranoid there at all in the first post, it's a list of some actual coincidences that relate to the article quoted,

then 'mdk' replies some snot - as if he even has a clue about what the post is about, thinking he can comment on the article I linked authors sanity! (really? so your medical degree in psychiatry is from which post grad Uni?)

Then I just gave him what for, and I admit included some silly stuff refering to other occultic things - but he's an idiot, he deserved it.

I don't think the kinds of reactions exemplified here mean that you are involved in some conspiracy that relates to any of the material in the article linked, but I would guess that you like it to seem that way.

Here's another coincidence: just yesterday I found this site,

which lists a 'PKD mind control' link as 'dead'; I recalled there were a few different articles around the net on that topic, and - as my post you refer to stated - they tended to vanish from time to time. So I had in fact just yesterday passed on one of Adam's links to the websites e-mail;

not knowing of your hostility to all things Exegesis I of course had also linked a very fine website here yesterday, where one variant of the mind-control article makes an appearance...

I don't know. You types remind me of inferior ranking officers who were so sure 'we' told you to go around spreading lies about the very topics that we want people to be bang-on the truth about. The thing is yeah - anyone really behind something like mind-control isn't going to give a flying kahuna burger if anyone knows it exists.

Can you still think?,

"Sci-fi is just his vehicle" - ain't dat the truth

=please note well: I haven't gone around the various links provided here informing them of this link. I just mean to show you that contrary to your frankly, dumbass, attitude towards the subject matter and the fact that you needed to go into fantasyland to make me look as deranged as you are, intelligent and thoughtful people all think along the same kinds of lines when it comes to movie coincidences, the occult, and JFK connections, and - shock horror! - mind-control and time-travelling Nazis. So you should shut your face. The world you create sucks and nobody wants to live in it.=

Anonymous said...

As far as the alternate realities go, people have claimed seeing a myriad of assassins all over Dealey Plaza; from the fabled Grassy Knoll to the Dal-Tex Building to the TSBD to popping out of storm drain holes like malevolent jack-in-the-boxes to the Guy with the Umbrella and even the Secret Service Agent who drove Jack's black limo of death through the nightmare on Elm Street. I've even heard one balmy theory that had LBJ as the assassin with machine gun a-blazin' a path of glory straight to the Oval Office.

All of this suggests to me (once again of course under the influence of Datura and Jolt this was all revealed!) that JFK's Assassination was a huge reality shifting mess that no one ever in their right mind has been able to unravel due to the simple, complex fact that everyone there that day in Dealey Plaza saw it all a little bit or a whole lot different, in addition to the theories of researchers afterwards which have also been influenced by the after-shocks of the Assassination; those reality shifting ripples and currents emanating from Dealey Plaza & reaching out far and wide, ostensibly skewing the perceptions of JFK Assassination Theorists, such as Cliff Cheers Clavin's theory that the Beatles shot JFK that sunny Texan day in a four-way triangulation of gun fire!

I like my theory the best