Friday, September 28, 2007

Take The Quiz Part II

Last night my literature class discussed The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch. It was great! The students were really into it, had wonderful insights, and lots of questions. I'm anxious to see the papers they write about the book, and hope to post some good ones here on the blog. Here's the reading quiz, how would you do?

English 214 Reading Quiz: The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch Please match the following characters with their house or location at the beginning of the novel:

1) Palmer Eldritch a) Chicken Pox Prospects, Fineburg Crescent, Mars
2) Richard Hnatt b) Aboard a spaceship that crash landed on Pluto
3) Barney Mayerson c) Winnie-ther-Pooh Acres, Orbiting Satellite
4) Leo Bulero d) Conapt 492 Marilyn Monroe Parkway NJ
5) Norm and Fran Schein e) Conapt 33 New York, NY

6) If you drop a bindle of Chew-Z at 4:20 in the afternoon and trip out for three hours, what time will it be when you come down? _____________

What are the three stigmata of Palmer Eldritch?:

Match the following female characters with their description:

10) Roni Fugate a) Neo-Christian colonist on Mars
11) Anne Hawthorne b) Ceramicist, Mayerson’s ex-wife
12) Emily Hnatt c) Personal assistant, fash consultant, P.P. Layouts

13) From what system does Palmer Eldritch return?:
a) Sol
b) Alpha Centauri
c) Prox
d) Sirius

14) What country do that Hnatts go to for their e-therapy treatment? ________________
15) In what decade did Philip K Dick write The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch? ___

Extra Credit:
What is Can-D made from? ___________________
What is the name of Leo’s e-therapy doctor? _____________________
What is the marketing slogan for Chew-Z? _____________________________________
What is the name of Mayerson’s suitcase psychiatrist? ____________________________
What is Perky Pat’s boyfriend’s name? ________________________________


Anonymous said...

I reread the novel when you announced you'd be blogging it and believe I'd do better than 100 on this quiz because of the Extra Credit questions. I'm responding to this mainly to encourage you to post the answers.

For question 6 I'm curious how "trip out for three hours" on Chew-Z and "come down" are determined by you. I'm guessing 4:20 in the afternoon is the answer or primary answer you are expecting since no objective time passes for an individual during the main or initial trip. But the effects can continue/reoccur indefinitely and it may not be clear when they are occuring so there doesn't seem to me to be any definite time when one truly "comes down" or even a certainty that one always does come down although the effects, reoccurences or whatever are attenuated with time.

Getting back to the determination of "trip out for three hours" the fact that the experience may be shared by multiple people with different subjective experiences of time passage and that can effect others (at least Palmer Eldritch can effect the subjective time passage experienced by others and I extrapolate from this)seem to confound this matter IMO.

valis said...

I have recently finished 3 Stigmata and I got one wrong on your quiz. All my time at home not reading the book was spent playing Guitar Hero 2 till my hands hurt too much to continue. This seems like a perfect thing for college age kids to write about. Perky Pat now has a band, a tour, tons of guitars paid for with gig money, and different outfits too!

Anonymous said...

Is Freddy Krueger a Palmer Eldritch variation? Check out

Anonymous said...

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