Monday, October 8, 2007

Electric Shepherd Productions Teams Up With The Halcyon Company

Electric Shepherd Productions announced yesterday in a press release that they have negotiated a first-look deal with The Halcyon Company, a start-up production company headed by Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek. In essence, the deal will allow The Halcyon Company to have first shot at any PKD-related project Electric Shepherd Productions may be considering.

From the press release:

"Based on material from Dick’s vast body of work, co-productions may include film adaptations, as well as television and other media projects. Details of the production slate are forthcoming. 'Philip K. Dick is one of the most gifted and influential writers in American literary history,' said Kubicek. 'We are honored to collaborate with Electric Shepherd on such an important and compelling body of work. All of us at Halcyon will passionately strive to ensure that the projects preserve the high-level of integrity he brought to the page.'"

Dick's daughters Laura Leslie and Isa Dick-Hackett say this of the deal in the press release:

“Our Father’s library and legacy are deeply important to us and we will strive to bring the highest level of integrity to each project we produce under this new arrangement with The Halcyon Company,” said Isa Dick Hackett. Laura Leslie adds: “Victor and Derek value the author’s original vision and contribution – which is rare. They bring a keen understanding of the creative process, strategic funding and production support to our initiatives. ”

The obvious question here is who are these guys?
From The Halcyon Company's website:

"The Halcyon Company is a recently established, privately funded, independent film development, production and financing company founded by Victor Kubicek and Derek Anderson. Anderson and Kubicek plan to produce a portion of Halcyon's future output with the balance of the company's pipeline expected to be produced in conjunction with other established producers and production entities in the industry.

Kubicek and Anderson both come from financial and creative backgrounds. Prior to co-founding Halcyon, Anderson was the founder and creative director of In the Mix, a boutique marketing and advertising agency. Kubicek began his career in finance as a member of The American Stock Exchange and produced The Halcyon Company's first feature film Cook-Off!, which recently won an HBO Aspen Comedy Festival award."

Both Kubicek and Anderson have relatively short resumes as filmmakers. The Halcyon Company's first big business move was to acquire the rights to The Terminator movies. The company has already commenced production of Terminator 4. I guess the quality of that production may be the best predictor for what's to come from their partnership with Electric Shepherd Productions.

Apparently The Halcyon Company has filed a lawsuit against MGM claiming that the studio has interfered with Halcyon's ability to distribute the fourth installment of the Terminator series.

Seriously, this reminds me of Swimming With Sharks, The Producers, even American Movie. If I were dealing with these Hollywood types I'd want Judge Judy, Judge Wapner, Kim Kardashian's dad, and OJ's Dream Team as my legal counsel. I imagine this deal probably fills the coffers a bit over at Electric Shepherd Productions as they begin production on "Owl in Daylight."

This little tidbit was buried near the end of the press release:

"ESP is also producing a Philip K. Dick biopic which will interweave his life and work. The project is set up with HBO Films and Picture House with Paul Giamatti attached as lead actor and producer, and Tony Grisoni (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) scripting. "

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