Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Oracle Says, "You Want This Shirt"

I love it when people send me stuff I can blog about. It makes all this so much easier. Today I got a great email from one Alejandro Zamudio who, along with a 'team of designers and fans of Philip K Dick,' have developed an 'electroluminescent shirt inspired by The Man in the High Castle.'

Zamudio writes:

"Recently we have created a prototype of an electroluminescent shirt
inspired by The Man in the High Castle, by which dwellers of 1960s
San Francisco can cast hexagrams from the Book of Changes and
publicly display what the Oracle has said to them."

The group's website reads:

"The shirt itself is a very simple device that allows the 1960s dystopian inhabitant to obtain a hexagram that can be looked up in the Book of Changes. It also works as an active agent of randomness by publicly displaying the hexagram, thus giving onlookers an unsolicited random answer to a question that possibly hasn’t been asked yet."

Note to the designers: Please ask the shirt how I might get one. I want!


Anonymous said...

I better not tell my manager about this - he'll want one made which instantly tells the 'status' of whatever work you're supposed to be doing...

Anonymous said...

I've read this already in io9.com blog

and this is the people who made it:

just for sharing info...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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