Friday, August 22, 2008

John Alan Simon Interviewed at

Etienne Barillier has posted a long and interesting interview with John Alan Simon the writer and director of the forthcoming film Radio Free Albemuth over at He's even got some photos of the production. Read it here.

In a related note, my family and I have just returned from vacation in Hawaii, and so while I rest, recuperate, and prepare for the Fall semester which begins next week, I'll be standing on the shoulders of other PKD-web-presence giants.

Thanks Etienne and keep up the good work!


Ramiro Sanchiz said...

I must admit that I'm a little afraid of this film. Radio free... is a very delicate novel to film; I'd say it requires a brilliant cinematographic mind, and the kind of director that's not obssesed with his own style, however great could it be. In that line of thought, I think I'd hate a PKD adaptation made by Tim Burton (a filmaker I admire, though), for example. I was having the same kind of "fear" till I saw the "Watchmen" preview, and now I'm really looking forward for the movie!. The first thing that came to my mind regarding the production photographs for Radio free... is that Alanis looks great as Sylvia!
By the way, my favourite PKD adaptations are A scanner darkly and Total Recall.
So, as we dick-heads should say goodbye:
King Felix!

Anonymous said...

"and the kind of director that's not obssesed with his own style"
Well, John Alan Simon definitely seems obsessed with his style. He talks about that more than the actual film.

Anonymous said...

I'm encouraged by Simon's comments about wanting to avoid a big-studio, standard Hollywood production. And his efforts to get the actors to connect make me hope that this somewhat more character-driven Dick story could come to life in a meaningful way.

PTRYXXX said...

Hello. My name is Patrick Ian Moore and I played one of the Friends of the American People (FAP Guard) in the film "Radio Free Albemuth". I'm surprised there isn't more info available online about this movie. Your blog seems to offer more information than anything else I've been able to find.

Anonymous said...

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