Monday, April 20, 2009

Please Let This Be On Judge Judy...

From the Friday section of the New York Times' Arts, Briefly Section:

Compiled by DAVE ITZKOFF
Tessa B. Dick, the last of the five wives of the science-fiction writer Philip K. Dick, has filed suit against a production company run by two of her husband’s daughters, saying she is owed money for projects adapted from his novels “Ubik” and “A Scanner Darkly,” Variety reported. In Superior Court in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Ms. Dick sued Electric Shepherd Productions, the company run by Dick’s daughters, from earlier marriages, Laura Leslie and Isa Dick-Hackett, saying she is entitled to proceeds from those two novels under the terms of her divorce agreement with the author, who died in 1982.

In all seriousness, Tessa has fallen on hard times as evidenced by a recent post on her blog. I think the Dick-head thing to do is try to buy a couple of her books, or donate a little to her cause. You know that's what PKD would want...

Update: Some pretty mean things have been said in the comments. Without knowing much about the case, I think we need to let the courts decide who's in the right. I, for one, have been impressed by the work Dick's daughters have done to preserve their father's legacy. Specifically, I commend them on getting PKD's early mainstream novels published, a good adaptation of A Scanner Darkly made, and a Ubik adaptation in the works. I don't know enough about Tessa's claims to weigh in one way or another on this, and am simply presenting this as PKD-related news.


Anonymous said...

I hope she takes them for a chunk. The Trust are basically a bunch of leeches.

Robert Cook said...

Isn't Tessa's son with Phil, Christopher, entitled to share in the inheritance and rights to his father's works along with his half-sisters? Doesn't he have an equal vote with them as to the dispensation of his father's works? Can't he advocate for his mother? This is a terrible shame. However, it's better if it's not on Judge Judy, as she only takes small claims cases, and this should be a large claim.

Jerry said...

While I'm glad Phil's kids are able to see the fruits of their father's legacy, it's only fair that Tessa gets her fair share. It sounds like she's living the life that Phil knew all too well for most of his years. He would want her to have something.

giospurs said...

Does anyone know what Christopher is doing nowadays? I never hear anything about him, compared to Tessa, and his daughters.

You would think that Phil's recent resurgence in the literary community would ensure that Tessa didn't live the life that Phil did for a long time. I'm amazed and saddened that she still has to lead such a tough life.

pete said...

What would the Dickian solution be to this dilemma, oh fellow acolytes?

tuffy777 said...

I'm back on line, at least temporarily.

Thank you all for your kind comments, and thank you, TDH, for this post.

My son Christopher has had health and financial problems, but he helps me as much as he can. The Trust is not giving him any money right now, but he works teaching martial arts.

I don't know what will happen in the next few weeks, but I would really appreciate all ofyour prayers.

~~ Tessa

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best Tessa, and good luck with your case.

Isa Dick Hackett said...

Hi David (and loyal fans!)-

While I cannot (unfortunately) comment on pending litigation, I CAN share some information about my brother Chris. (This is, by the way, with his permission.)

In response to Robert and "giospurs": Chris is a talented martial artist, a caring father, and a pretty darn great brother! He is - and always has been - entitled to his inheritance, and of course shares ownership of copyright along with me and Laura.

Chris, Laura and I consult together on ALL important matters concerning the affairs of the PKD Trust. We've always made these decisions together and have never disagreed with regard to the choices we've made. This is something about which we feel very proud!

On a side -note, I think it's pretty cool that my Dad's fans obviously care about our family....For that, I am grateful!



Lenny Boyle said...

You are taking the right tack in reporting this as a piece of news only.
As an outsider it ,of course, wouldn't be right to comment on the rights and wrongs of an issue without all the information. As a huge admirer of PKD and his work I wish all of PKD's family members well in the future. I'm currently reading counter clock world and finding it hilarious and intriguing and everything else you would expect from PKD.

Cantara said...

I backtracked this post over at Sarah Weinman's blog, Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind:

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