Friday, June 12, 2009

Stories From All Over

I'm busy enjoying my summer and working on a review of Miller's The Cardboard Universe (which I liked), but I have some minor ephemera to post from my inbox, nothing that really warrants its own post. Here, in amalgamated, form is the state of the is:

Etienne over at has promo shots from Radio Free Albemuth. The last I spoke to director John Simon he said that post-production was taking longer than expected. But Robyn Hitchcock is doing the soundtrack so things are falling into place.

Dutiful reader Pete writes in an email:

"I began reading Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's novel "The Strain" last night and within the first few chapters, we are introduced to a character named Eldritch Palmer. So far, there's not much known about him except that he is elderly, very rich, and unhealthy."

Please tell us if it's worth reading Pete.

Dutiful reader Craig Kipple writes:

"There is a Norwegian film called "Lies Inc."? I found it to be a great movie! Although I was expecting to view a movie based on "The Unteleported Man", I still found it a thrill to watch.
It contains elements from not only "The Unteleported Man", but also of "A Scanner Darkly", "Paycheck", and "UBIK". I am sure after more viewings I'll pick up on more. Names such as "Joe Chip" and "Applebaum" were a treat to "pick-up" on."

I'll add it to my queue.
Read more about the movie here.

Coming Soon, a post about The Divine Invasion, and the new Star Trek film....


pete said...

I just want to establish that the "Pete" mentioned above is NOT the same "pete" that makes obnoxious remarks about books he's never read and knows nothing about. Totally different guy. Just wanted to get that out there so my reputation's not ruined.

palmer_eldritch said...

Just started that Miller book this morning - plenty of dark humour for the Dick-Head!

palmer_eldritch said...

I wonder if non-Dick Heads would enjoy it as much...?