Thursday, December 24, 2009

Trouble For King of the Elves?

Happy Holidays and all that jazz. I've got a nasty cold and an even nastier pile of papers to grade (pictured above), but rumors are circulating that Disney may have put the kybosh on its King of the Elves adaptation. I don't know anything more than what's in this article from, but never let it be said that I don't drop everything in a rush to post unsubstantiated rumors - even on Christmas Eve.


Keith Giles said...

Just discovered your blog and I must say I love it.

Thanks for putting all of this together.

I have a little sci-fi, comics, culture blog of my own over at

Just curious, what would your top 10 PKD books list look like?

Mine are:
*Do Androids Dream..?
*Flow My Tears...
*Radio Free Albemuth
*The Man Who Japed
*The Eye of the Sibyl (short stories)
*Paycheck (short stories)
*Minority Report (short stories)
*The Unteleported Man (the first 2/3 of it at least)
*Time Our of Joint

ct-scan said...

I was always confused on how Disney was going to do this's a pretty dark story, and it surely doesn't have a "Disney ending".

Maybe this is just for the best?

Wintermute said...

A Merry Christmas to you and all readers of your great blog. I've been following it for a good while and Christmas may be the best time to say Thank You!
Although Disney may be fitting for Christmas I've had my doubts about fitting Dick and Disney together. Okay, there is more Fantasy in Dick than you may initally think - see Dave Hyde's (aka Lord RC) afterword in Pink Beam for more on that - but still... D&D okay, but if it's Dick & Disney?
Best wishes from Germany!

Anonymous said...

Again a fair post. Thanks your achates

Jerry said...

I agree with CT-Scan. Probably a good thing, because Disney would have put Dick's story into a blender and hit puree.

Pantomime Horse said...


I don't know what Disney is/was going to do with King Of The Elves but I've read summaries of The Adjustment Bureau and if you put Adjustment Team in the blender and hit puree you couldn't get those results without adding a lot of unrelated things. Still the summarries may be inaccurate or misleading or the movie may be very different but very good anyway. Really bugs me that the married real estate salesman is a single US Senator or something and his low-level government employee wife is a single ballerina though. Much of the appeal of PKD's writing was how he valued the worth of all people and deliberately made much use of characters who weren't rich and famous celebrity types.