Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Obsessive Blogger Featured in The New York Times

Not just any obsessive blogger - me! The New York Times is running a great piece by Scott Timberg about Anne Dick's newly-released edition of The Search for Philip K Dick. Apparently the Times felt a little weird linking to a blog titled Total Dick-Head, but we have seen a spike in hits from the Google Search "David Gill, blog" so some fans are going the extra click to get here. Welcome! Timberg has posted some really good outtakes from his interviews with Lethem and me on his Misread City blog. Check it out. I'm going to update my CV! Buy the book at Amazon:


The Monster That Ate Salisbury said...

Glad I wandered in! I saw the NYT piece and did a Yahoo search for "david gill dick blog;" good thing there aren't any David Gills out there with more salacious tastes.

ct-scan said...

So my original edition copy just got more valuable ;-)

Robert Cook said...

Nice article about Anne's book--a book all PKD fans should read post-haste!--and props for your being mentioned.

I can't believe the reporter was so prostrate with the vapors over your blog's name he could only think to refer to you as the proprietor of an "obsessive blog," when he as easily, as protective of the tender sensibilities of the NYTimes' readers, and more cogently could have identified your blog as one "devoted to the works of Philip K.Dick."