Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekly News Roundup

Here I am with a bit of a Sunday respite and plenty of recent Dick news to recount.

There was a minor media blitz by Isa Dick-Hackett last week, talking about PKD adaptations at both and then later in an article in The Wall Street Journal. The interviews were both done to promote Adjustment Bureau which went to DVD recently. Gondry is still set to direct Ubik which is being scripted as we speak. I have high hopes for this one.

Radio Free Albemuth
was screened at the Science Fiction Hall of Fame on Friday. In a surprise bit of promotion there was a pretty good article on's Cosmiclog about the movie. I liked this line: "The movie seems certain to win over the sci-fi master's hard-core fans, who call themselves 'Dick-heads.'" I like this because I was careful, when I started this blog, to hyphenate Dick-head to see if I could affect the way the term is written. Before the blog (and with Deadhead) Dickhead was not, traditionally, hyphenated. In other words, kneel before the semantic power of Zod! My ripple is a mighty hyphen!

The future of is in doubt as the site has become a prime target of spam bots and requires extensive upkeep and monitoring. If you're interested in changing the name of the site and transferring it to another server let me know in the comments section. It's a good site, with, I think, more traffic than I get, and just needs a dedicated webmaster.

I skyped in a short talk to the fourth annual PKD Day at Nottingham Trent University. It was a very Dickian experience for me as it was 7:30 in the morning and I found myself connected to a small classroom full of Dick-heads. I had no idea how well they could see or hear me; indeed, I had very little connection to the room, and yet I had to speak off the cuff about PKD for about a half an hour. I felt like I was communicating from space. I should have recorded it.

Umberto Rossi's new book of PKD criticism is now available on Amazon:

Buy it from here so I can get a cut. I'm gonna need it to buy my own copy.


Nick said...

Thanks for the updates - appreciated. I couldn't see the link to the Umberto Rossi book. I looked on Amazon UK - £37.53 Wonder why it has to be so expensive?

Nick said...

Thanks for the News round up. Appreciated. I think you forgot to add the link to Amazon for Umberto Rossi's book I looked it up on Amazon UK and wondered why it had to be so expensive? (£37.53) - surely that kind of price tag is going to hurt sales? After all it's not a hardback.

palmer_eldritch said...

Thanks for doing the talk on Saturday David, it was indeed very 'Dickian'! You came through loud and clear on the audio, with the video image suitably dark, stuttery & blurry! I recorded the audio, will put it up somewhere if that's OK with you. Also did same for Tessa Dick's chat, which if anything was even more Dickian - her cats kept interrupting her!

It was an interesting and enjoyable day - will be writing a post about it on Frolix_8 later today.

JVP said...

Hey, I'm interested in helping with What can I do?

Umberto Rossi said...

Yeah, the book's a bit expensive, but there is another possibility: the Kindle version is way cheaper. However, it's surprising that the same book is cheaper on (i.e. US). The mysteries of the global market!

HorseloverFat said...

David, I would love to help or take over the website and I have professional web site developer experience. I sent you a message a few days ago, also.