Monday, July 9, 2012

Precious Artifacts Arrives!

In addition to finishing out a grueling five-week intensive summer class, I have extra reason to smile. I came home last week to find, waiting for me in my mailbox, Henri Wintz and David Hyde's new PKD Bibliography, Precious Artifacts!

What is it is is an alphabetized list of Dick's published works. There's a picture of every cover ever in here, with detailed info. Check out this info graphic I stole from the site..

Photo: click to embiggen

Say you wanted to compare multiple covers from Clans of the Alphane Moon just to see if any of the pictures of Phil weren't taken from the Blade Runner photoshoot with Ridley Scott, Precious Artifacts has got you covered.

David Hyde, Lord RC, already produced the essential Pink Beam PKD Companion, and while this volume does not include extensive plot information, there's plenty of eye candy and interesting stuff to be learned on every page. Henri Wintz has long run the Philip K Dick Bookshelf website which housed the largest collection of cover imagery anywhere on the web. So this was a match made in the Palm Tree Garden.

These guys self-published this bibliography which is especially admirable and Dickian in the small-business is good business ethos, which is truer now than ever. Precious Artifacts is available at amazon and createspace (where I got my copy - not so happy with Amazon these days). If you're a completist, this has better be on your shelf..


Robert Cook said...

It is a beautiful thing. I can't imagine any true Dick-Head NOT wanting to have this in his or her library. In fact, I'd say it's essential.

Nick said...

Looks Gorgeous - I especially like the interior layout. Very clear and well structured! Bravo!

politeruin said...

You may want to take note of this on the createspace page...

'an Amazon company'

They were acquired in 2005 apparently so still pocketing a percentage if you buy from them, unfortunately. I feel the frustration though, not being an amazon user myself due to their dubious business practices to say the least but finding there are ever dwindling alternatives.

Henri said...

Thank you all.

Yes, Createspace is an amazon company but it works well. Createspace charges a fee for printing the book and Amazon takes a big cut for selling it (better for us if you buy it from Createspace).

I am dealing with an independent printer for the hc edition. It is slow and nerve wrecking.

Attwood Collected Works said...

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