Thursday, September 22, 2022

Within You, Without You: Philip and Jane Dick at

I'm back on my Dick shit, everybody! But I'm up in the pro leagues now. Specifically, I wrote a long (3k words!) article on Phil and Jane for to provide some background for the two upcoming Phil Dick bio-pics --cough (one of them won't get made) cough.

Anyhoo, tomorrow marks the decade anniversary of the 2012 Dick-Fest at SFSU, where I still happily teaching the sleeping sheep. Can you believe it? This pic is a blast from the past. Can you spot: Frank Hollander, Henri Wintz, Mike Winder, Professor Laurence Rickels (still can't believe I drove that guy around in my car). I left directly from this dinner to pick up Mr Lethem and drive him across the bridge to his room on campus, which was funny/embarrassing because my glasses were in really bad shape but I needed them to drive. So whenever he would look over to talk to me, he'd see that one of the temples from the lens to my ear was a chopstick attached with electrical tape. 

Good times! Perhaps there'll be more Dick content here in the days and weeks to come. 

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It has been too long. Thanks for posting!