Friday, May 18, 2012

Blade Runner Sequel to Have Chick Blade Runner

New details of the Ridley Scott-helmed sequel to Blade Runner are emerging every day. Today we're learning that the principals have been meeting and have decided to make the protagonist in the next film a woman. This is sure to be a boon to the android/gender studies folks and I'm sure will result (if the sequel does get made) in tons of new essays. Remember, "You better get it up, or I'm gonna have to kill ya!"

Read about it here

So what do you think? Also, what happened the Man in the High Castle BBC miniseries?


giospurs said...

Exciting news but if it means Scott not doing the MITHC miniseries I will be severely disappointed.

RVChris said...

I'd rather have a better adaptation of DADOES but with Scott directing and Ancher writing I can't complain. I was also looking forward to that MITHC miniseries, I hope it still is in the works.

cinephil said...

The idea simply was in the air :)